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Insufferable Proximity
InsufSomeone is hell-bent on sabotaging Julian King.

Julian is a hot-shot lawyer and a natural born womanizer with an unnatural addiction to the opposite sex.

With a line of scorned women, a brother who loathes him and many
competitors he defeated on his way to the top, there were plenty of
people that would love to see him burn.

But his money was on the person he despised most: Heaven Deville, an
aggressive, ambitious, destructively-driven lawyer who hates Julian.

The two stubborn lawyers are locked in a brutal battle for the coveted
partnership position at the firm, and Heaven would do ANYTHING to
prevent her arch rival from winning.

When Heaven goes too far in her attempts to secure the partnership
and gets caught in a situation that could cost her everything, including
her job, professional reputation and her dignity, Julian gives her two
options: either he turns her in or she has to willingly sign herself
over to him for the next 30 days.

Backed into a corner, Heaven realizes there is only one possible
choice… But is she strong enough to submit to a man she despises so completely?

What I know about this book:  I read it last year and loved it.  Adult content if you know what I mean.  Very funny at times but just an all round great book.  I would classify it as Erotica because there is a scene with a cookie and then another scene with a cigar and a few in the office and so on…

About the author:  NY based author and she has written 2 other books, plus there is a Part 2 to IP.  There isn’t a lot out there about her and I can’t even find a picture but she writes some really great books.

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